Sunsets Can Inspire You to Change the Way You Think: Here’s How

Sunsets Can Inspire You to Change the Way You Think: Here’s How

Sunsets have this amazing quality to them. They are not just pretty ways to experience the sun going down over the horizon and admiring the planetary awesomeness of it all. There are very real psychological effects to sitting still, in quiet, and enjoying the sunset. Natural beauty and being present to yourself in nature can have great mental health and physical health benefits. Find out why sunsets can inspire changes to the way you think and see yourself in recovery.

Mental Health

Emotionally, people are drawn to the beauty and things that inspire beauty. Nature is full of spaces which inspire awe and challenge us to think about how we are interconnected to the natural order of things. Sharing in this bigness of nature helps us understand the smallness of our human nature. In a big picture way, it puts life into perspective and helps us see our challenges as but a speck on the horizon. Some will enjoy a sunset or natural phenomena more than others, while some people just need an opportunity to turn towards what is beautiful to motivate them to embrace the goodness in life. This may boost a person’s mood and elevate their thinking to new heights, if even for a moment.


There is something about being in nature that inspires gratitude. Seeing a beautiful sunset is only one way to inspire a feeling of being in another world for a moment. Getting out of the head game of addiction recovery for any length of time is a welcome reprieve. It also helps to feel more satisfied with the reality of life when you are able to sit in nature for a few moments and take it in. Every day is a gift to be cherished, especially in recovery. Personal satisfaction with life for people generally improves when they can find something to be grateful for every day.

Seeking Hope

Some people find it easy to sit back and enjoy the little things while other people find it more challenging. It is hard to slow down when the pace of life feels quick or feels like it needs to be fast enough to keep up with everyone else. The thing is, so much is missed in the interim that it is worth stopping to see a sunset, smell the flowers, or listen to birds sing. The instinct to watch seems natural in the moment, to want to watch what is happening like it has never happened before. If you want to get inspired, try grabbing a camera. Take some sketching paper and pencils with you, or a journal and pen. Write, draw, photograph, or take in what you see artistically. Write a song about it, sit quietly while it fades away, or pray and meditate under the waning sun. However you want to celebrate, seek opportunity to see the hope in the horizon. Everyday the sun rises and the sun sets. This consistent pattern is there as a reminder that we can also build our lives around consistency that tomorrow is a new day, filled with glory, waiting for us to take it in.

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