Surf Your Way to a More Positive Outlook

Surfers have a saying that the sport is a religion of sorts, connecting us to a higher state of consciousness. Others say it offers equal parts lifestyle, sport, and spirituality combined. Addiction can be passed down from generations which is why it helps to find something you can do here and now to create a more positive outcome.

Soul Surfers

Our bodies are seventy percent water and our brains are encased in salt water with neurons firing away all times of day and night. Surfers often get asked what happens in the brain while surfing. We may feel in the moment but there are different challenges to focus on, since now wave is ever the same. In spite of various circumstances, most surfers understand the feeling of how surfing can save a life.

Evolutionary Connection

The ocean calls to us, even when we aren’t sure why. Surfers know this draw by unseen forces based on breaking waves of water that splash across an endless horizon. The attraction to surfing is for calm and also survival. Many people who enter the water to surf never turn back because it provides such a positive space where it’s just you and the board with the water to take you anywhere you need to go. People are drawn to the water through evolutionary circumstances beyond our control. Addiction also draws people into it far beyond their means to control it, in a different way. The all-encompassing feeling of addiction to substances can be similar to the addiction to surfing, only it is more positive and life affirming than the ravages of addiction offer.

Surfer’s High

To understand the feeling, you have to understand biology. The brain is wired for good feelings. Physical and mental rehabilitation from addiction may offer surfing as a way to replace the hugh drugs provide with the endorphin rush of physical activity combined with the joy of hitting the waves. Surfing, physically, helps you strengthen your body, find balance, and identify where you are vulnerable to continue enhancing those areas you are weakest. The endorphin rush from surfing is a positive side effect for people who choose to take up the sport as a way to feel good without drugs or alcohol.
When you try something new, become vulnerable, and face fears head on in the water, you can literally face anything. Addiction is a lifelong journey, but so is surfing. It takes a lifetime to master the art of riding waves because every wave will be different, just like in life. Each moment brings its challenges but if you can focus on what you can control like your mind and body, you are more likely to succeed in surfing, and in recovery.

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