Survive that Summer Party with Some Sobriety Safety Tips

Survive that Summer Party with Some Sobriety Safety Tips

There are many ways to celebrate summer, but it seems so many events come laden with alcohol. Social plans are hard to make when a person is in sobriety. They are warm-weather, fun events, but they are also stressful and anxiety-inducing for those who do not drink. Protecting the space that is summer fun is hard but necessary to navigate the challenges effectively. 

Seek Help

One of the hardest things to do is ask for help in sobriety. This might mean speaking up for yourself from time to time when it comes to events that are alcohol-fueled parties. If a loved one or friend is not willing to compromise and make it a sober event, ask for some help from them to make it easier on you. Tell them what you need and how to make it feel successful for you. Don’t be demanding, simply ask and see what happens. Not every event will be right for you.

Know When to Go

A hard thing to do is to know when it is time to hit the road at an event. It may be before alcohol breaks out or before everyone says goodbye. It may be that every party looks different. So it helps to think it through. No plan is set in stone and you are just as liable to want to get out to protect yourself as anyone else. The best reason to stay at a party is for your friends but if you feel sobriety is at risk, don’t stay. Know when to go and save yourself from the risk of relapse. 

Make Plans

Don’t just plan on going to the event. Plan on going with a plan to leave. An exit strategy is a beautiful thing when the event starts heading south. Have a detailed plan before, during, and after the event to get you out safely. Before the party, meet up with a friend for a boost of support. Afterward, treat yourself to a long walk on a nature trail. Bring a friend. Don’t think you have to go at it all alone. 

Stay in Routine

Know your boundaries for the summer and take breaks. Go out for a walk or breath of fresh air. Support recovery with activities that help you feel more social but not like you are putting sobriety at risk. Be honest, maintain your support system and have plans that keep sobriety at the forefront, even if it means saying to a routine you don’t deviate from so keep things smooth. Your sobriety will thank you when fall comes around. 

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