The Ancient Practice of Qigong May Help Your Sobriety

The Ancient Practice of Qigong May Help Your Sobriety

When people get away from addiction, they suddenly seem to have more free time. In order to build recovery that sticks, it is important to find useful ways of filling up time. A good activity like Qigong may help build spiritual development as well as a long lasting recovery.

What is Qigong

Qigong is an ancient Chinese health practice with roots in martial arts. The purpose of Qigong is to align awareness, breath, and movement to balance chi in the body (or energy force). These techniques go back thousands of years with modern Qigong developing in the mid twentieth century.

Benefits of Qigong

The overall benefits of Qigong are believed to include:

  • Meditation and concentration
  • Stress reduction
  • Better sleep
  • Spiritual practice of allowing people to develop this side even further
  • Improves physical stamina
  • Strengthens cardiac system
  • Leads to healthy skin
  • Helps people deal with pain and discomfort

Benefits in Recovery

Although there are myriad benefits to Qigong, there are also many benefits in recovery. If people are in recovery from substance abuse, there is hope for healing with this ancient practice:

  • People in early sobriety can find better sleep with this practice
  • Stabilizes mood and gives peace of mind
  • Helps the person cultivate a more positive frame of mind
  • Gaining a sense of mastery over their own body and mind to improve self-esteem
  • PAWS (post acute withdrawal syndrome) is unpleasant but this practice can help improve mental clarity and focus
  • Emotional sobriety can become more clear as a process
  • Helps develop purpose and a spiritual path in recovery

When practicing Qigong, there is the idea that people can become addicted easily. It is recommended the people practice in moderation. The individual needs to avoid swapping one addiction with another. There are many books and websites that help with this topic but Qigong is best practiced in community with others, not always just in isolation.

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