The Fight Against Stress in Addiction Recovery Requires Support

The Fight Against Stress in Addiction Recovery Requires Support

Researchers have been looking at ways to fight stress in addiction recovery. One of the key elements to fighting back against stress is to get the right support. The study looked at the role of the brain’s stress system in alcoholism in regards to negative aspects of alcohol withdrawal. Find out what they discovered and why it matters when it comes to addiction recovery support.

Alcoholism and Stress

Researchers discovered the key role of a receptor for neuropeptide Y in the region of the brain called the central amygdala, which plays an important role in the processing and memory of emotional reactions. It has been known for some time that neuropeptide Y is a naturally occurring anti-stress agent. Alcoholism is associated with increased sensitivity to stress. This study supports the idea that strengthening the transmission of neuropeptide Y in the amygdala would be effective as a way to treat alcoholism.

Healthier Choices

The study findings looked at neuropeptide Y in the central amygdala in rats also given alcohol. Rats given alcohol and became dependent could press levers to receive either alcohol or water while experiencing withdrawal. They found rats given this neuropeptide Y began choosing water over alcohol during withdrawal.

What this tells us is that repeated administration of neuropeptide Y not only blocks developing me of alcohol consumption in alcohol-dependent rats, but also curtails the moderate increase in alcohol consumption following periods of abstinence in non-dependent rats. This neuropeptide Y is also what kept dependent rats from self-administering alcohol in the long-term, which suggests that neuropeptide Y could be an important treatment for alcoholism in humans.

Stress starts with a brain response then works its way into the body. When your body is stressed, your brain will feel it, along with the rest of your body. If you are struggling with addiction, the challenge will be to find ways of relieving this stress from your life. Addiction recovery is the best way to quit doing drugs or drinking if you have not tried it yet. It helps clear the mind and body of toxins so it has a chance to heal itself. Plenty of opportunities exist to make this a reality. It may be time if you are stressed from addiction to fight back for your life and your recovery.

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