The Hidden Danger of Online Pharmacies

Many people buy medication from online pharmacies. While this is convenient for the consumer, many of the pharmacies online are illegal. These rogue pharmacies can be dangerous to the consumer. People who use online pharmacies for their medication risk receiving medication that is expired, contaminated, or counterfeit. The consumer is at risk of serious health complications from online medication.
There are hundreds of illegal pharmacies online and using them can increase the risk of identity theft, credit card fraud, and computer viruses. Some rogue websites sell opioids or other controlled substances directly to the customer. The ability to buy these drugs online adds fuel to the growing opioid epidemic. People who abuse opioids are at risk of serious health complications, overdose, or early death.
A person who is addicted to opioids will take increased amounts and more frequently, to reach the same pleasurable effects he or she experienced the first time. Eventually, he or she will develop a tolerance to the drug and needs more to get high. The availability of ordering opioids online is concerning, especially because we are in the midst of an opioid abuse health crisis. When a person buys drugs online from an illegal source, there is no way to tell what fillers are used in the drug. For example, some contain household chemicals, poison, artificial fillers, other more potent drugs, or other substances.
The drugs bought online can lead to serious negative reactions. The danger is also present when buying drugs in person from a dealer. The online drug sources do not care about their buyers because they can easily replace them. Avoid buying illegal drugs anywhere unless you have a prescription.
If you buy your medication online, make sure it comes from a reliable, legitimate source. Order your prescription from well-known online pharmacies that also have walk-in stores. Look for the VIPPS symbol, which indicates it is a verified internet pharmacy practice site. Also, confirm state approval by finding out if the online pharmacy is registered to do business in your state.
If you or a loved one is suffering from a drug use disorder or addiction, get help now. Misusing drugs or alcohol can have deadly consequences, but recovery is possible. Do not wait another day. Make today the first step to a healthy, sober lifestyle.

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