The Importance of a Support Group

It always pays to have someone else with you on a journey, no matter what that journey may be. When it comes to your recovery journey, the more positively influential people you have on your side, the better!
For some, recovery groups may seem too serious or severe for what you are going through, Fortunately, there are recovery groups for those at every level of recovery. Whether you go once a week or once a month, regularly visiting with a recovery support group can help you take back control of your life, avoid the isolation that often comes with lone recovery, gain new perspectives, and be yourself in an environment where no one else will judge you for what you might have gone through. Additionally, the fact that many such groups are completely free is an added incentive to get involved. In some cases, being a part of a recovery group can allow you to get referrals for great therapists, programs, and activities that you would not have known about otherwise.
As inherently social creatures, humans need companionship to help us navigate day to day life. When going through a life-changing experience like recovery, it is important to remember that having others to help you share any burdens that may arise can be the difference between continuing and relapsing. Just as it takes several professionals, loved ones, and friends to help you get through the initial rehabilitation process, it also takes a village to help keep you on the straight and narrow. Recovery support groups can help you identify and avoid triggers that you may not have seen as triggers, communicate more effectively with those that may not understand what you are going through, and retain your confidence when you may otherwise be feeling a bit weak.
Additionally, recovery support groups can offer a sense of belonging and escape from a world that can sometimes be judgmental and cruel. Even if you have the world’s best support system in family, friends, and coworkers, it is hard for others to fully understand the issues that you may be facing at any given moment if they themselves have never experienced your situation. This can lead to your feeling misunderstood or condemned for your past illness, even if it is not anyone’s intention. When you are in a room of even just a few others that are going through the same things as you, you can be confident that your problems, thoughts, and feelings will be safe and protected, and that your recovery process will not be a burden on anyone else.

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