The Importance of Fellowship

Many men and women recovering from addiction to drugs and alcohol choose to engage in 12-Step recovery groups. These groups provide a pathway to sobriety as well as a sense of community. We are encouraged to develop relationships within the fellowship of our choosing so we have a network of people to rely on in times of struggle and encourage us on our journey toward abstinence from mine and mood-altering chemicals.
Alcoholics Anonymous, in the A.A. preamble, is described as “a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from alcoholism.” A sense of community among men and women in recovery is necessary for those who have embraced the philosophy of 12-Step recovery. We are encouraged to attend 12-Step meetings, develop sober support systems, and work with others attempting to attain sobriety. Men and women who suffer from addiction may be wary of discussing their problems with people who may not understand the nature of their disease, but find that members of their recovery fellowship have experiences many of the same thoughts and emotions, and are entirely willing to help. Dr. William D. Silkworth, in the preface of the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous, describes the nature of the fellowship at its inception, explaining that “the unselfishness of these as we have come to know them, the entire absence of profit motive, and their community spirit, is indeed inspiring to one who has labored long and wearily in this alcoholic field.” Those in the 12-Step recovery community who have maintained their sobriety through the program are aware of the importance of unselfishly giving their time to help another person attempting to achieve sobriety. Newcomers should not feel like they are being bothersome by approaching a member of the fellowship to discuss their particular issues pertaining to recovery—the fellowship exists as a communal means of solving our common problem of addiction.
Through 12-Step recovery, we find that embracing the fellowship helps us acquire the necessary tools to maintain our sobriety. Suddenly we have at our disposal a community of men and women who understand the nature of our disease and how to recover from a hopeless state of body and mind. We learn to rely on our newfound community, embracing the values taught by our 12-Step program, and eventually come to the realization that we are but “a small part of a great whole; that no personal sacrifice is too great for preservation of the fellowship.”

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