The Importance of Nutrition in Recovery

Recovery from addiction is every bit as much psychological as it seems like it would be. When the brain is contorted into believing it needs a debilitating substance in order to survive, and craves that substance so much that the body can barely function without it, it stands to reason that the psyche would be in serious need of some reconstruction.
One of the aspects of recovery that is often overlooked, however, is the importance of nutrition throughout the recovery process. Studies indicate that while addicted, many individuals will allow their nutrition to fall to the wayside, as they focus all of their attention on drug consumption. Even during the detoxification phase of recovery, when the amount of nutrients an individual takes in is carefully recorded to ensure a healthy and efficient process, the mere act of consuming nutrients often doesn’t counter the amount lost as your body fights for more of the drug.
In the next stages of recovery then– the rehabilitation stages– it is vitally important to place a premium on consuming the right vitamins and nutrients to aid the body in returning to its pre-drug state. Neglecting the proper diet, specifically at a time where the body is at its most vulnerable, is almost certainly a recipe for disaster in the form of malnutrition or worse.
Practicing the right diet doesn’t have to be a tedious process. Consuming plenty of fruits, vegetables, grains, and lean meats can be as simple as cooking regularly, or frequenting restaurants that offer quality items with minimal grease, fats, and oils. By eating right and increasing your vitamin and nutrient intake, you’ll enjoy a range of positive effects, including some immediate ones like improved mood and increased energy, and longer term ones like a reduced risk of disease, better memory, and a stronger immune system.
Many nutritional foods that you’ll enjoy also have properties that will more directly aid in your recovery journey, apart from simply keeping your body healthy and strong. Researchers indicate that foods with amino acids like tyrosine and tryptophan have the capacity to greatly improve mood and mental cognition, and can also promote a more restful sleep.
As with anything, recovery is a journey with a number of moving parts. While it certainly does deal directly with your mind, outlook, and psyche, the foods you eat also play a big role in allowing its process to be a smooth and effective one. Never has the phase “you are what you eat” been more than true than when applied to the recovery process!

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