The Joy of Recovery by Choice

Recovering from an addiction could quite possibly be the hardest thing you ever do in your life. Everyday, it could be draining, discouraging, and depressing. It could make you long to go back to using, and to throw caution to the wind. With the right attitude, however, this won’t be your experience.
Research indicates that individuals that acknowledge their issues with addiction and opt to face it head-on are often the ones who recover fastest, and with the most efficient and long-lasting results. Truth be told, choosing to go forward with recovery instead of feeling pressured to do something is always the most encouraged way to do things, as an assertive attitude can also help you push through the toughest of times throughout the recovery process.
Identifying your addiction and choosing to recover also unlocks one of the fundamental stages of the recovery process: learning to control. When consuming substances, the brain is often physically unable to resist, and may even punish your body if you don’t provide that substance in increasing amounts. Known as dependence and withdrawal, these are the most toxic aspects of drug addiction. While it’s completely normal to not be able to completely quit using drugs on your own (and studies actually indicate that is quite inadvisable to try to do so at all), recognizing your need for help and pursuing it in clearer-headed moments proves that you do have the capacity to beat addiction. This realization is powerful and will help tremendously in the recovery journey, specifically when your body seems to be telling you otherwise.
Choosing to recover will also allow your journey to be one of total self renewal when it’s over. Though sobriety is always a rewarding feeling, knowing that you chose sobriety even at your darkest of hours will indicate just how powerful you are. You were able to face your biggest demon and conquer it, and no one will ever be able to take the awesome feeling of that power away from you!
Addiction affects the mind and spirit more than anything. Those that get sucked into its nasty cycle often see no way out, and while they’d love to escape more than anything, they remain in the cycle because they feel there is no hope. There is hope, however.

Everyone knows the dangers of substance abuse, and the victim has it in them to deny its power over his or her life, no matter how little control they feel they have. The first step is acknowledging the addiction. After that, seeking help isn’t so bad at all. Call Oceanfront Recovery at (877)279-1777 for assistance today!