The Past is Over: How to Look Ahead with Anticipation in Recovery

The Past is Over: How to Look Ahead with Anticipation in Recovery

Regret is a strong emotion to have. It can hold you back from going forward in life and alter the course of your recovery. There are simple ways to let go of shame and guilt about what happened in the past and move forward. When you look ahead, you are able to see the future with a new lens of appreciation for what was and gratitude for the journey.


Every step is monumental on the journey. If you are too negative or focused on negative emotions, you will make a habit out of it and forget to celebrate the little things. Focus on what you have to be thankful for rather than what you wish was different or could have been. Bad decisions are bad decisions but you don’t have to ruminate on them to make amends. You can honor your accomplishments now and celebrate victory today. 

Learn as You Go

Finding peace in recovery seems elusive with so much of the past hanging around. To move forward, you must let go of what you can and learn from it. Chalk it up to an experience best left in the past and use the lessons to grow stronger day by day. The biggest mistakes are going to be the biggest strengths in the future. The knowledge can turn into greater fortune down the road. Don’t let it pass you by and refuse to take what you’ve learned and made life better now.

Be Here Now

The past cannot be changed from what it was. When you focused on what you were not able to do, you cheat yourself of what you’ve done to this point. Comparing to others is not going to result in positive energy. Rather than dwell on what could have been, focus on what you can do now to create space for your growth in recovery. 

Looking Ahead

If you want to look ahead in recovery, all you have to do is let go. Let go of expectations and fears about what is to come. Instead of being bogged down by choices, acknowledge what you did and learn from it. What happens now is okay to love as much as you loved the good parts of yesteryear. Don’t look back in anger and feel like all is lost. There are lessons to be learned for sure, but looking ahead you can see the vibrant future ahead that is full of potential. Don’t miss out by looking over your shoulder, waiting for the other shoe to drop. Your potential is waiting to be fulfilled and you are just on the cusp of the greatest experience you’ve had by far. Honor your experience by saying good-bye to past regrets and saying hello to today, tomorrow, and all the days ahead with gratitude.

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