The Power of Positive Psychology for Busy Executives

Resolving to be happy is one of the best decisions you can make for yourself. Positive psychology is not about pulling sunshine out of nowhere, it is finding opportunities to experience joy, even in the midst of being busy. Learning the power of being positive in all circumstances can really help you, especially if you are a busy c-suite executive with a company to run.

Doing for Others

Positive psychology is all about finding a sense of purpose and life satisfaction that has nothing at all to do with us. It is about what we can do for other people. When we live our lives in service to others, we often build positive energy for the journey forward in life and at work. Here are some tips to help get started in using the power of positive psychology to help you reach those goals:

Simplify, Simplify, Simplify

Society encourages outward focus on using our desires to achieve and accomplish great things. Connecting with people is about an inward focus, a true intention on serving other people. Regardless of what type of company you run, it is still possible to simplify your life by working to serve other people you work for and those you surround yourself with outside of work. Positive energy brings positive people into your life, so why not give it a try.

Be Heads-Up

If you are heads-up, you are not staring at a device, answering emails or being sucked into the vortex of screens every second of your day. Take time to put your head up and look around you. Break the addiction to social media, emails and work life long enough to engage with people you work with, your employees and enter into meaningful dialogue with them. You might be surprised the positive impact this can have on your life.

Ask Insightful Questions

To be intentional about positivity, you need to look around and see who you can engage with more. Choose some people with whom you work, employees and loved ones outside of work. Ask them to coffee, take them out for a meal or just spend time in the lunchroom engaging with people. Everyone naturally wants to share stories about their lives so take a moment to listen.

Go Minimalist

The one-year rule is pretty easy as a starting point. Sort through clothes and items around the house. Donate everything that was not worn or used within the past year. Organizations will happily receive the items and put them to good use.


Take the lead and volunteer. Get a group of employees and colleagues from work to serve locally. There are millions of not-for-profit organizations who need help every year. Why not take time to serve others and see what happens.

If you are ready to look on the bright side and engage with more positive energy, call Oceanside. We are here to serve you and help you discover your positive gifts and seek ways you can give back to yourself and others. Our goal is to provide the best care and services possible. Let us know how we can serve you in moving forward away from addiction towards healing: 877-279-1777