The Reality of Nasal Spray Addiction is Not What People Thinks

The Reality of Nasal Spray Addiction is Not What People Thinks

One addiction people may not consider is nasal spray. It is something people use quite often to spray their noses for congestion and enable them to breathe easier. It is only supposed to be used for up to three days. Any longer than that, it may cause rebound congestion. It means congestion caused by medication as a result. Tolerance may build and then larger amounts are required to achieve the same effect. Tolerance may lead to physical dependence on the drug. This is different than addiction but can lead to addiction. 

Nasal Spray

Any type of medication that is inhaled through the nose can be used for allergies. The most common nasal sprays include active ingredients like:

  • Decongestant
  • Antihistamine
  • Saline
  • Saline sprays

Germs and irritants enter your nose when you breathe. Your nose produces mucus to flush them out. They also help flush out excess mucus. Many saline sprays contain preservatives that may cause irritation if the nose is inflamed or damaged. If the nose is damaged it can be hard to repair.

Long Term Use

When used for too long, rebound congestion may occur. It is not always something that happens but it may occur. The longer a person uses a decongestant, the more they build up a tolerance. This means they require larger, more frequent doses to achieve the same effects. Decongestants shrink blood vessels in the nasal passages. When the drug wears off, they swell again. Addiction is seen as having intense cravings and an inability to stop using a drug in spite of negative consequences. It is complex, but unless a person has cravings for nasal spray, they are probably not addicted. 

Overuse Signs

The signs a person is overusing nasal spray may look like:

  • Using it longer than a week
  • Using it more frequently
  • Trying to stop means signs kick up again 
  • The primary symptom of decongestant withdrawal is congestion. It is likely whatever caused congestion will return, especially with chronic allergies. 

Sometimes people use this drug along with drinking or alcohol or whatever other drugs they use. In combination, the use of anything going into the nose or drugs that may interact with it can cause harm or even an overdose. While not lethal, it may end up harming a person’s overall health. It is best to be careful when using decongestants too long and consult a doctor if the use has migrated into other things like dependence or addiction. 

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