The Reason Illegal Drugs are so Harmful

It is important to note that drugs in and of themselves serve a multitude of purposes, and not all are bad. In fact drugs statistically save more lives than they take on an annual basis. When prescribed by a physician and used correctly, drugs can aid in the body’s natural healing process and make the road to recovery from illness a fast and efficient one.
Illegal drugs, however, are harmful in all forms. This includes drugs that would otherwise be legal if prescribed by a professional, and the improper use of prescribed drugs
The primary reason illegal drugs are so harmful is because they significantly alter the brain’s chemistry. When a drug is first consumed, the brain releases dopamine– the feel good hormone that convinces you to consume more. Over time, the brain begins to crave more and more of the drug, until it won’t function without it. Meanwhile, as you continue to pump your body with the drug, it wreaks havoc on many of the faculties your body needs to perform with maximum efficiency. The craving that led to dependency eventually leads to chronic addiction which, essentially, is when the drug hijacks the control center of your brain and forces you to seek it out above all else. This slippery slope of drug use is virtually impossible to escape without the help of professional treatment, and relapse can be harmful or even deadly.
Illegal drugs are also harmful because of the myriad of health issues they produce. Because drugs don’t remain confined to just one area of the body, complications from drug use can lead to illnesses like cancer and dementia, and injuries like heart attacks, strokes, and seizures. Different drugs can also lead to different complications, like improper bone growth and damage to vital organs like the kidneys and liver. There’s virtually no way to determine how seriously even casual drug use can affect one’s health in the long run, but it’s wise to strive to avoid that issue altogether.
Finally drug use can lead to infection from sharing needles and engaging in other risky behaviors, infertility, and social and relationship-based issues that stem from the user’s inability to function normally. Drug users often indicate a loss of interest in things that once excited them, and a disconnection from the people and activities they once loved. As drug use becomes more and more frequent, people often tend to stop engaging with users, and ties with loved ones become strained or broken.

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