The Signs Of Alcoholism You Only Have Because You’re An Alcoholic

There are many signs of alcoholism which are commonly discussed like changes in appearance, health, and ability to meet life’s responsibilities. Few people discuss the more subtle signs of alcoholism which only take place in an alcoholic’s mind.

You pre-game before the pre-game and after-party after the party

You drink more often than everyone else. You drink before everyone starts drinking before the drinking even begins. You have your own pre-game before the pre-game so that you can accomplish a nice foundation of buzz before getting drunk. Once the party is ending, you’re usually not ready to stop. You keep going through the after party and outlast everyone else. While this is a sign of how much you drink it could also be a sign that you have a high tolerance for alcohol. A tolerance can develop over time the more you drink, creating a threshold for how much alcohol your body can take as well as how long it takes to get drunk.

You cannot understand how people don’t finish their drinks (and you probably finish for them)

This is a sentiment shared by many alcoholics. When out with friends, where everyone is drinking, it baffles you that other people leave their drinks unfinished. Alcoholics share stories about pondering finances, getting their money’s worth, and needing to finish a drink. People who don’t have a problem with alcohol, don’t have to finish their drink. For an alcoholic, the compulsive need to finish a drink becomes so uncomfortable, you can’t stand when other people don’t.

You tend drink more than everyone else and you’re often the token drunk

You’re known for your ability to drink. You can drink more, drink longer, than most of your friends. People know to watch out for you, because you’re the token drunk. Friends can count on you to bring the party and go harder than everyone else. If you’re a blackout drinker, you have the best stories. You might notice the stories are getting worse. Eventually, you transition from the fun token drunk to the problem drunk.

You like drinking more than everyone else and when they don’t want to drink, its really hard for you

You look forward to drinking so much that you have started to think drinking and getting drunk should be a part of everything you do with or without your friends. When you’re ready to drink and get drunk, but your friends aren’t that interested, it feels really hard for you. You’re part disappointed, part anxious, part angry, part confused. Of course you can handle a day without drinking…right?

You’ve wondered if maybe these little signs make you an alcoholic

People who don’t have a problem with drinking do not spend time wondering if they have a problem with drinking. Their drinking patterns and behaviors are not concerning enough to cause them to question themselves. If you have started to question whether or not you might have a problem with alcohol, there is a good chance that you do. Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

You can recover from alcoholism and alcohol abuse. There is recovery available when you ask for help. Oceanfront Recovery is a men’s treatment program for alcoholism, addiction, and dual diagnosis mental health disorders. Offering a full continuum of residential care, our programs provide a step down transition of care for a smooth transition into independent living. For information, call us today: (949) 207-9899