There Are Many Benefits to Intensive Outpatient Programs: Here’s Why 

There Are Many Benefits to Intensive Outpatient Programs: Here’s Why 

Intensive outpatient programs (IOP) are designed to deliver inpatient support while the person can still live at home or outside of rehab. The reason these work for people is they help a person stay connected to their jobs, families, and others, but don’t have to stay in a rehab facility and worry about supporting their family. They also have other benefits for their own rehab that can be found in IOP for the right person.


When looking at the benefits of IOP programs, it is helpful to look at sessions that are done in the real world. While this is a reason why some might choose an IOP, it is not the only reason. Some of the benefits they might get include:

  • Lower costs compared to residential or inpatient programs
  • Higher rate of retention
  • Flexible for meeting needs
  • Duration of treatment can be longer to meet people’s needs
  • Provides greater level of privacy for people
  • Enhanced ability to develop long-term relationships

Finding Support

When looking at programs, it helps to think about what will work best for finances, people’s personalities, and what they need. An Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) can provide lots of opportunities for people who want to heal from addiction. The best support comes from diving into a program that suits your personal needs, where you can be vulnerable, and feel safe. Many different areas and topics are covered by IOP, including:

  • Education about addiction
  • Learning about brain chemistry of addiction
  • Progression of disease of addiction
  • Managing triggers, cravings, and other things that might lean a person towards relapse
  • Prevention skills for relapse
  • Spiritual steps
  • 12 step introduction
  • Therapy and family dynamics

When starting with IOP, a person will have work to do every day but they may have to do some of it at home to be successful. In fact, most of the work of recovery happens outside the walls of rehab. It is not possible to learn all there is to know right there. Accountability, support, and networking all occur with the help of loved ones, friends, and a support system of sober companions who can help you make the journey forward. Eligibility depends on the person’s history of substance abuse and any co-occurring mental health issues. The key is to think about what a person desires more clearly so they can focus on what they need in rehab. It is important to find healing on the other side of rehab with support, not just doing the work but internalizing the experience and resources to find a better way of living.

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