These 3 Signs May Mean It’s Time for Rehab

These 3 Signs May Mean It’s Time for Rehab

When a person accepts the challenge of attending rehab, they likely have hit the bottom. They may have also grown tired of the addiction road and are ready to travel onward to recovery. Addiction is very tiring and people who make the decision for rehab have to be ready to admit the need for help and move on. Learn more about rehab programs and how to know it is likely time to go.

Attempted to Quit (but Can’t)

The reality of addiction is that you can try all you want to quit, but if you find yourself stuck, it may be time to reach out for help. Treatment is about detox and healing the whole mind and body after addiction. However, many people try to quit on their own and are unsuccessful. This just makes them feel like they are at fault for not being able to quit. Everytime a person tries and fails to quit on their own can drive them deeper into addiction. Rehab is a safe space to be vulnerable, seek help, have careful eyes watching what is going on, and provide holistic support for the withdrawal symptoms and difficulty of detox (which is when many people go back to drugs).

Health Consequences

If you are trying to quit using drugs or drinking and you have health issues from it, now is the time to get better. Drug abuse can be linked to severe health problems, but also mental health issues, in the long run. Physically, the liver, kidneys, and heart are impacted by many types of drugs. Mentally, a person can use drugs to self-medicate existing mental health disorders while drugs can help to mitigate (or exacerbate) some mental health issues like depression and anxiety.

Drug-Seeking Behavior

People who are in the throes of addiction will think of nothing else except for seeking drugs and using them to their benefit. When you are looking for drugs at any given turn and are able to think of nothing else, that can be a sign that it is time for rehab. Although cravings and triggers will exist for people in recovery, you should not be seeking them out all the time or, if you have not tried treatment, this could be the first sign you need to check yourself in and get help.

Help for Addiction

Different rehab and treatment centers provide varying levels of care. The best places to go are those that offer detox, inpatient, and dual diagnosis treatment if there are concerns about mental health issues. Trained therapists can check in to find out all that is going on and work to support you with medication, therapy, and group work in a safe space. Treatment is only a phone call or visit away. Don’t hesitate to reach out if the time feels right.

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