These 5 Tips Can Help Navigate Big Changes in Your Life

These 5 Tips Can Help Navigate Big Changes in Your Life

Change is inevitable for everyone. In fact, it happens every single day inside the body’s cells, in nature, and definitely in recovery. Fighting change is going to make it harder to grow. Transformation is an exciting adventure but people have to be ready for it. Some find it easier than others, and some people really fight against it for a long time. When you have the tools you need, there is less of a chance you will fight these changes and start embracing them.

Find Support

No matter where you are in the recovery journey, it is easier when you have people supporting you. If you have friends and family who have been through difficult times in life, it helps to have their support to walk you through the challenges. Looking to others often triggers insight for your own journey. You may discover something helpful and feel less lonely if you reach out to the recovery people you care about and ask for guidance along the way.

Hard Times

The inevitability of change also brings the inevitability of difficult circumstances. Even when transitions happen, you don’t have to feel sad or upset about it. You are human and those emotions are valid. Finding hope in the darker places can help you with transitioning from one identity to the next as you open up to growth in recovery. Your core identity won’t shift, but your desires may change, and you may feel like a different person, which only comes when embracing what is difficult along the way.

Mindful Consumerism

Being in recovery is tough but there is an entire world out there ready to tell you how to think, feel, and act online or on television. When going through big changes, it helps to consider what you are watching every day. Social media can be more destructive than productive, depending on how you take it every day. During times of transition, be gentle with yourself and mindful of what you watch and how much time you spend on social media. If it feels more negative than positive, turn it down a notch for a time until you feel ready to go back again.


The one thing people underestimate in recovery is the power of laughter. It actually triggers the brain to tell the body it feels good and to keep doing it. It’s the same loop you experienced with drugs, on a smaller level, but it is healthier for you than substances. Laughter can help you find joy in the moment and hope for what is ahead. If transitions are hard, try going to improv, comedy shows, or funny movies to tickle your funny bone and help you lighten up a little through the transition.

Take Care

Self care is talked about a lot in recovery but it is especially important when shifts are happening. Deep breathing, yoga, meditation, anything you can think of that will help you can support self care. Make small changes so as not to bring stress. Train yourself to deal with the stress response. The more you learn how to calm the mind and take care of yourself, the better off you’ll be when change comes.

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