These 5 Tips Can Help You Navigate Triggers

These 5 Tips Can Help You Navigate Triggers

Triggers are not just things that make you want to drink or use. Triggers can send you into a panic attack that may be paralyzing. They do not have to be dramatic. In fact, triggers may just be one of the quiet, mundane things you would not expect like grocery shopping or listening to the radio. Learn some tips for how to help navigate triggers without feeling shame or regret.van

Advantageous Triggers

Triggers provide lots of information. Sometimes they tell people to stay safe but at other times they may trigger a person to use drugs or alcohol and relapse. Triggers tell lots about behavior that have been useful in the past but they are not needed anymore. Some tips to handle triggers:

  • Avoid people and places that trigger you for awhile. There is no reason you cannot walk past a bar or spend time with someone who sends you into a spiral. Find a time that it feels comfortable and start moving forward with trying to go places that normally you might avoid. If that does not work, meet up with an accountability or addiction recovery group that may support your recovery journey and issues with triggers.
  • Get used to triggers gradually. If crowded places scare you, try to go to slightly crowded places and build up.
  • Bring a partner. Bring a friend who you can lean on for support to help you with the challenging times.
  • Forgive yourself. You are not weak and do not deserve shame for being triggered or wanting to use. That is the human condition as part of addiction.
  • Listen to your instincts. Sometimes triggers can work to help keep you safe. Other times, it may be a struggle to get past it.

The biggest key to moving past triggers is to stop worrying about the blame and shame game. Even if relapse happens (the worst thing perhaps in your mind), the end of the world has not arrived. You can still get back on the wagon, restart again and get moving forward. If you are struggling, there is hope and healing in recovery. There is no need to feel like you cannot share your struggles with others who may understand what is going on. The fact is, you need to consider all the ways addiction has changed your brain and body, as well as your spirit. Understanding and embracing this will only help you figure out ways to combat triggers from the inside out. Knowing how to handle them can be a great tool for you as you move forward in recovery.

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