These 5 Ways to Call in Joy May Transform Your Inner Journey

These 5 Ways to Call in Joy May Transform Your Inner Journey

Joy is a natural state. In recovery, it may feel like a distant state you cannot even get on an airplane and fly to if you tried. Feeling joy seems elusive sometimes, especially early on when your brain is foggy and your body is still shaking off the remnants of addiction. Even in the best moments, our minds and bodies deal with lots of sensory input and experiences everyday that can steal joy in recovery. Learning to find it from within can transform the recovery journey from the inside out.

Get More Turmeric

Turmeric is a warm spice that is high in anti-inflammatory properties. Besides finding it in the spice aisle, you can also find it in the form of a supplement. It is used as a natural medicine for conditions like headches, itchy skin, and more. Turmeric is essential for detox as it can really transform the body’s ability to heal.

Use Some Heat

By placing warmth on the abdomen or heart, you can help calm down and soften resitsance of your emotions. Heat increases blood-oxygen and circulation, detoxifying the area being treated. Aromatherapy heating pads are a great tool for the neck, hands, feet, and face.

Sound Therapy

Sound therapy is a form of vibrational medicine. It is often created with instruments such as tuning forks, singing bowls, gongs, and other similar tools. The vibrations alone can be healing to the body and mind.

Change Your Pillow

Replacing your pillow can give you a fresh boost. When you sleep, you release stress. Your pillow and mattress are two places you discharge negative energy and traps it inside. Getting new pillows and mattresses are recommended every so often to shed old energy and freshen things up.

Exercise the Olfactories

Using essential oils in a diffuser or on the skin can help a person relax and feel more balanced. Using scents is a quick way to activate the heart, liver, and intestinal tract. The olfactory system may need a boost after using substances because sometimes it is impacted negatively by drugs and alcohol. The use of oils can provide a relaxing scent for recovery.

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