Tips for Navigating Addiction Recovery for Executives

Executives are decisive and are used to telling other people how to get the job done. When addiction happens, you may feel powerless. Many people count on you daily to take care of everything and manage large workloads and staff. That is why it is important to learn how to navigate addiction recovery so you do not feel isolated in recovery.


Business cannot thrive without competition. Too many other companies are vying for the same clients and it can feel like a pressure cooker. Client retention is important to keep business going so you may try to escape into a bottle of alcohol to cope.

Long Hours

You play big games and sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. Executives and business owners do not head home at five o’clock. Long hours can become draining on your health and your family’s welfare. Physical exhaustion is one way you may struggle to feel like yourself putting in long hours. Stimulants like cocaine are popular ways to keep energy and confidence high in some industries, simply to keep up with everyone else.

Self Preservation

When you think of all the pitfalls of being an executive, there are many great bonuses, too. One of the lessons you have to learn is balancing the positive with the challenges. When you take care of yourself, everyone around you can also thrive. With the demands of being a successful executive, it is not easy to make a sudden change. To break the pattern of a toxic work environment and navigate recovery more easily, try these tips:

  • Go back to activities you used to enjoy such as gardening, writing or hanging out with friends
  • Watch your health and go in for check-ups with the doctor
  • Schedule downtime for yourself
  • Consider saying ‘no’ to commitments that might trigger relapse or put your stress into overdrive
  • Realign with your personal values and focus on what you want to accomplish in sobriety
  • Focus on basic needs such as staying hydrated and getting enough sleep

Neglecting yourself is only going to lead to feeling more stress, anxiety and potentially cravings for that substance of choice to cope. Do not fall prey to this. Focus on changing your life one little step at a time and get into a program that will help you find positive ways of coping so you have the tools and skills to face your work again.
We provide care for executives who struggle with addiction. We know it is not easy but we will help you fight back against addiction with our trained staff, premier programs, and beautiful location near the ocean. You can rest and find peace while focusing on your commitment to get (and stay) sober. Call us to help you get started: 877-279-1777