Try These 5 Beginner Meditation Tricks for More Peace

Meditation is recommended as a healthy way to manage stress because it provides many health-enhancing benefits. It can reduce symptoms of stress and anxiety, relieve physical complaints like headaches, and enhance immunity to illness. To begin with meditation, it takes strategies to focus on the mindfulness piece so you can have more peace of mind.

Basics of Meditation

Meditation may be practiced in different ways. There are numerous different meditation techniques. A common thread is all the meditative techniques that are helpful, including:

  • Quiet mind: with meditation, the thinking mind becomes quiet. It is easy to stop focusing on stressors of the day when practicing this. Let the voice in your head be still and quiet, which is easier said than done. If you are not practiced at quieting your mind, it did not take long before thoughts crept in.
  • Being in the now: rather than focus on the past or future, virtually all meditative practices involve focusing on right now. This means experiencing each moment and letting it go. This can take practice to let go of things we cannot control
  • Altered states of consciousness: maintaining a quiet mind and focus on the present can lead to an altered level of consciousness that is not a sleeping state but is not quite the average wakeful state, either. Meditation increases brain activity in an area of the brain responsible for happiness and positive thoughts and emotions. This can bring prolonged positive changes.

Meditation Techniques

Researchers generally classify meditation techniques into two categories: concentrative and non-concentrative. The techniques involve focusing on an object outside of oneself: a flame, an instrument, something outside that person. Non-concentrative is focused on sounds in a person’s environment and an internal body state. Many ways to meditate exist and finding one that works can be helpful but it is not the only way.

  • Basic: involves sitting in one position to quiet the mind and think of nothing. Think of yourself as an observer of your own thoughts. Notice what the narrative voice says but don’t engage with it
  • Focused meditation: focus intently on something, but don’t engage thoughts with it. Stay in the present moment and try to get around the thoughts going on in your head
  • Activity-oriented meditation: centered around enjoyable activities like focusing on gardening, artwork, yoga, or walking meditation
  • Mindfulness: a form of meditation that is about sitting in the present moment with nothing between you and the time you are in right now. Focus on sensations where you feel them in your body and let that be where you sit for a moment
  • Spiritual meditation: a spiritual practice. A form of prayer where God ‘speaks,’ rather than listening. Seek guidance or inner wisdom once the mind is quiet and meditate for this purpose. Meditate on a questions until an answer comes

However a person chooses to meditate is up to them but it has potential health benefits that are clear and numerous, making it a commonly recommended stress management practice that people of all ages enjoy and find healing.

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