Try These 5 Steps to Recover from Codependency

Recovery is about empowering you to take charge of your life by learning to value feelings, opinions, and needs. When you find the courage to challenge childhood beliefs, healthier relationships can be born. A common fear among codependents in early recovery is that they will become selfish. Recovering codependents remain more caring than other people because it is an extension of compassion to others. Changing old habits and patterns takes time but with some simple steps can be made easier.

Steps to Recovery

Recovering from codependency takes time work that is intentional and focused. The following are some steps to follow that will make things go more smoothly.

Step 1: Overcome denial

Learning to overcome denial starts with emotional healing. For people with codependency, overcoming denial means accepting relationships are not working and a better way must be found. It also helps to accept there are needs and feelings that do matter, which opens the door to learn how to better negotiate relationships which actually meet their needs.

Step 2: Become educated

Self education is an important step in recovery. To avoid discouragement, you should have clear vision on where you want to go and become educated about codependency and health relationships. This will help determine next steps in recovery.

Step 3: Know the patterns

Becoming familiar with patterns of codependency is very helpful because people often try to make changes without understanding the problem. It helps to mindfully observe oneself in relationships and jot down notes about what is observed. Thoughts, feelings, and body sensations must be allowed to come to light as to how you personally are programmed. The seeing and knowing will help provide a buffer from past programming.

Step 4: Feel fear and shame

If you can’t feel fear and shame, you cannot move forward. Overcoming this part of codependent behavior provides important insight into how to survive codependency and thrive. You will be able to be present for reality and feel safe and empowered in relationships.

Step 5: Progress Not Perfection

This is a way to reprogram your brain to get it up to speed. Changing mindless patterns of behavior takes time and diligence. Be patient and kind with yourself and do not expect perfection. Progress means moving forward one step at a time, making it work for you where you are today. This is the best way to defeat codependent behaviors and move forward with healing.

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