United We Stand, Divided We Fall: The Importance of Unity in Recovery

The importance of being connected with others in recovery cannot be understated. Getting involved with others who are attempting to recover from addiction is a great way to develop a support system that can help us get through the difficult times we may face in on our journey of recovery. Attending meetings, having a sponsor, sober support, a home group, and helping others in their recovery are all very effective ways to ensure that we maintain our sobriety.
It is easy to drift away from other in the recovery community. We may feel that we don’t need to attend as many meetings or stay in contact with others who are recovering because we are beginning to feel better. However, addiction is a complex and progressive disease, and if we don’t keep an eye on our spiritual and mental fitness, we can easily succumb to the temptation of drugs and alcohol once again. Our mental and spiritual wellbeing are often dependent on how often we are interacting with others in recovery.
The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous explains that when we work with others in recovery, “Life will take on new meaning. To watch people recover, to see them help others, to watch loneliness vanish, to see a fellowship grow up about you, to have a host of friends—this is an experience you must not miss. We know you will not want to miss it. Frequent contact with newcomers and with each other is the bright spot of our lives.” Whether we are involved with Alcoholics Anonymous or a non-12-step recovery group, the fact is that there is a direct correlation between our happiness and our involvement with others in recovery.
We should not be shy about turning to others in recovery for help or support. The community of men and women recovering from addiction is founded on the principle of helping others and being of service. We also find that they are the only other people who understand our problems with the same depth and understanding as we do. They have lived it and know all the associated problems and feelings of early sobriety. We have a wonderful, helpful community that can guide us through our journey of recovery.

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