What a Digital Recovery Community Can Mean for Your Sobriety

Maintaining sobriety can be difficult without communication. A new generation of mobile apps helps people stay in touch and keep sobriety at the front and center of their minds. Social networking apps are growing in popularity as a way to keep in touch with others in recovery day and night. Learn more about ways the digital recovery community is growing in popularity and what it might mean for your sobriety.

Staying Connected

Some apps have news feeds, similar to Facebook, where people can talk and share stories. This is a great way to stay connected to others in similar situations, or ask for help getting a designated driver, for instance. Sobriety can be a lonely journey so staying connected with others virtually can build in person connections which may be helpful for those really difficult days.

Enriching Lives

The online community has burgeoned in recent years to help people in recovery. Many of the ideas come out of a sense that people need to establish social networks everywhere (in person, online, in recovery groups) in order to help maintain sobriety. Some people are launching new apps based off the premise that nobody in recovery should ever do it alone. There are unmet needs for people with addiction who desire connection with peers and want to enter into relationship with others who can be supportive. Overall, it is about enriching and enhancing people’s lives by providing a service that helps keep people on the straight and narrow.

Remote Connections

One of the challenges for people in remote communities is finding enough people who understand what addiction recovery is like. For people in far reaching corners of the United States, or the world, it may be difficult to find others who can provide a space to share what is going on in a nonjudgmental way and connect. Social networking apps help change the face of addiction recovery by providing a much needed service that can really benefit people who are needing to reach out and share what is on their minds and hearts. It may even save a person’s life who is in distress and does not know where to turn. In that sense, social media is changing the landscape of how people cope with addiction, recovery, and sober living.

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