What Are Signs and Symptoms of Amytal Abuse? 

What Are Signs and Symptoms of Amytal Abuse? 

Barbiturates are typically used to treat sleep disorders but may be used for anesthesia in hospitals. The drug works to increase a sense of calmness in the nerves, to slow it down, and help a person sleep. Amytal is one such drug that people have been taking for decades. It is highly likely a person can take too much of this drug and end up overdosing. Medically, the United States still uses this drug although it is only legal in smaller doses. It is not legal to use in tablet form but it is found on black markets anyways. 

Risky Drug

Amytal is one of those drugs, like Fentanyl, that is highly potent. Just a little extra can be enough to cause an overdose or kill a person. Outside of medical offices, people are no longer prescribed this medication since it is so lethal with just a smaller dose. The body can shut down in the case of overdose, which depends on weight, gender, age, and other risk factors. Higher risk populations include older adults and children. It is important to know the signs and symptoms of abuse that may potentially save a person’s life. 

Abuse Effects

Although Amytal is used for the effects of sedation, at lower doses, it creates a sense of drowsiness and euphoria. An individual may appear intoxicated while using this drug, slurring speech, staggering, and lose coordination skills. People who abuse alcohol commonly tend to abuse barbiturates since they are similar, or even switch to them because of how alcohol smells on a person who drinks too much of it. The drug can help people who are anxious or need rest to come down from these periods of hyperstimulation. Some signs a person may be abusing the drug include:

  • Mental confusion
  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Insomnia
  • Poor judgment
  • Memory loss
  • Behavioral shifts
  • Neglecting self-care
  • Dizziness

Amytal can depress a person’s breathing to the point they can die since it is so potent. Combining Amytal with other depressants like alcohol increases the chances of overdose. Dangerous side-effects of heavy use can cause vomiting, gagging, and increased risky behavior. 

Doctor shopping is common to find people who will give more of the drug than they should have. They may turn to illicit drug dealers on the black market to get their needs met. Amytal alters the brain’s natural chemistry, resulting in intolerance. Once tolerance develops, the person needs larger doses more frequently to achieve the same effect. Dependence occurs when the person uses Amytal to feel ‘normal’ and avoid withdrawal symptoms. Offering help to a loved one with this addiction can be helpful so they can get a second chance at life. 

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