What Are Some Basic Myths About Rehab?

Whether this is the first time looking at rehab or other options are on the table, it is natural to fear the unknown. The basic myths about rehab are out there but cold feet can hold a person back from making a decision that may change a person’s life. Millions of people make the decision to enter rehab. The more a person knows about treatment, the more confident a person is about taking next steps.

Debunking Lies

Despite the fact rehab is dissected in popular culture, lots of people know relatively little about addiction treatment. Some common rumors persist that keep it from being known for the promising, helpful experience it is for some people. Some of the myths that persist include:

  • Treatment is for celebrities: people think rehab belongs to former child actors or reality stars. Movies and tv shows can create a sense that it is for people with money or power or some other thing that makes them important. Treatment is accessible for everyone, not just those who are rich and famous.
  • Don’t hit rock bottom. On the other end of the spectrum, the other group of people who are commonly known for getting treatment are ones who are bad off. Homeless, in debt, and disowned people who have drifted away from loved ones may find treatment is the only option. People who are high functioning can find help in treatment. Don’t wait to lose it all before making the best move of your life.
  • Cold turkey: people who work in treatment centers are trained to help people overcome addiction in comfortable and efficient ways. In cases of abuse, a supervised drug detox can help wean people off drugs with minimal side effects. Prescription drugs are often used to ease withdrawal.
  • It is unaffordable: some treatment centers can be pricey. There are options available to people who need help paying for treatment. Many plans cover some or all costs of treatment and some programs allow for payment plans or reduced costs based on financial needs. Don’t let money be the thing standing in the way of treatment.

The final barrier to treatment is also a myth. That is the thought people can do this alone. That is not possible for anyone as everyone needs community and each other in recovery. Treatment provides advice for people who need it and structure, support, and healing to help avoid falling into bad habits. It is key to find a way to get help from others who are also on the journey and therapists and people who can provide help and accountability for recovery.

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