What Are Some Tips to Be More Optimistic?

What Are Some Tips to Be More Optimistic?

Optimists and pessimists see the world quite differently. If you think your glass is always half empty, you might learn a few things from some of these tips. If your glass is always half full, then you know what some of these are saying but you might still benefit from knowing how to be more optimistic.

It is a well researched fact that life is generally more agreeable and fun when you’re an optimist. An optimistic person tends to enjoy more health and lifestyle benefits, such as being higher achievers, better health both physical and emotional, longer life, and lowered stress, just to name a few. This may seem like luck to the pessimist on the outside, but it’s all got to do with a positive attitude.

Optimism is measured by a person’s explanatory style, that is, how they define events. Optimists will usually define positive events in one of the following ways:

A positive event occurred because of something they did;

A positive event is a sign of more positive things to come;

A positive event is a sign that good things will happen in other areas of their life.

Defining positive events in a positive manner is only half the battle though. If you want to win the war against pessimism, you can learn to define negative events in the following ways:

A negative event that occurred is not your fault;

A negative event is an isolated incident which has no bearing on any future event, or on any other areas of your life.

There are going to be times in life when you find yourself expecting the worst, or taking the blame for something that is not your fault. During those times, you can take steps to increase your tendency toward optimism.

Give Yourself Some Credit

When something positive happens in your life, take a moment and analyze your thoughts. Be sure to give yourself at least some of the credit for making some good things happen for yourself. Make a mental list of all the strengths you possess and how you helped make those happen in your own life.  

Think Of The Future

Give some thought to what other areas of your life could be impacted by the positive event. When you look at how your strengths may cause other good things to happen, you can see your future. Imagine the possibilities in store for yourself and know you hold the key to your success.

Minimize The Negative

It isn’t always possible to minimize the negative when something bad happens. However, whenever it is realistically possible, consider the extenuating circumstances surrounding a negative event that could have contributed to it. A failure isn’t necessarily a reflection of a personal weakness.

Keep in mind that you need to learn to recognize when you’re at fault, and when you need to change your actions. You cannot deny responsibility for your mistakes, but look at them as a learning experience. Focus on the positive, and remember, tomorrow is a new day, and a new start to optimism.

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