What Are Some Ways to Feng Shui My Space for Some Inner Peace?

People have all different reasons to pursue feng shui in their lives. Maybe you are wanting better health, happier relationships, or just a sanctuary in which to relax and feel at home. Energy flow, furniture arrangement, etc are all part of the process but bringing nature in really ramps things up a notch. Live plants, flowers, sunlight, and moving water can do wonders for the soul.

Getting Started

Some people love lots of nature indoors and others just want to tap into a little bit of nature for some inner peace at home. Here are just a few of the ways to get started on that feng shui goal:


The sun gives us light and life. Creatively speaking, you can bring more light inside which can be revitalizing to the soul. Opening shades and curtains is one way to help start this process. If light is minimal, full-spectrum bulbs can fill in the gaps or increase light in enclosed spaces such as bathrooms or closets.


Fresh flowers add a vibrancy, color, and life to a home environment. Naturally healing, flowers can lift anxiety, depression, and even loneliness. Try a feng shui color palette to boost mood:

  • Pink roses for love
  • Red gladiolas for motivation
  • Yellow gerber daisies for health
  • Blue hydrangeas for relaxation
  • Purple orchids for spirituality
  • Orange marigolds for inspiration
  • White calla lilies for purification

Flowing Water

A table-top or wall-mounted water fountain in the home brings beauty inside. The sound of water can really bring some peace and a sense of well-being. Aquariums are a popular way to enhance a space and can include fish, turtles or other small water creatures.


Different hues give off a different vibe. Green is quite healing and is the color of plants. Blue is a nice color for bedrooms and bathrooms, the color of the sky. Yellow is cheerful, the color of the sun. Earth tones and browns are grounding colors. Think of the colors in your home to see if you need changes to bring more peace and light.

Healing Plants

Plants create an indoor haven while also releasing oxygen and absorbing carbon dioxide. They also neutralize electromagnetic fields emitted by appliances and electronics. To energize your home, try:

  • Chinese Evergreen
  • Red or Pink Anthurium
  • Peace Lily
  • Bamboo Palm
  • Lavender

These plants and other natural elements can not only add to your decor but may also help bring peace and calming to your space in a way you had never expected. Try the local library, bookstore, or connect with a feng shui expert to find ways of bringing this into your home for more inner peace.

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