What Are Ways to Master Recovery from Mental Health and Addiction?

What Are Ways to Master Recovery from Mental Health and Addiction?

Recovery from mental health and addiction is almost a misnomer. The reality is people are not able to fully recover from addiction, they simply live with the reality that they can no longer use drugs or drink. Mastery over both addiction and mental health issues means recognizing the challenges of coping with triggers, cravings, and other things which might require a person to seek consistent, long-term support for these issues.

Symptom Remission

When symptoms are reduced so they no longer make a person’s life challenging on a daily basis, that is symptom remission from mental illness. Usually this includes a combination of therapeutic interventions, behavioral work, and medication support. This is a necessary part of anybody’s recovery from mental health concerns because it helps develop a baseline from which to jump off and start focusing on other areas of healing.

Spiritual Recovery

Mental illness and addiction take hold of a person’s spirit and may cause a deeper sense of longing and desire to see hope for something better. It may mean seeking a larger purpose in life, or a way to fill that void they feel. A spiritual recovery focuses on finding hope and meaning for their lives. This may come from developing healthier relationships with others, isolating themselves less, exercising, or working to understand themselves better and how they can see themselves out in the world.

Physical Recovery

The body takes a beating in addiction, with drugs and alcohol often causing physical ailments of the heart, liver, lungs, kidneys, and other areas. Once a person enters recovery, they can focus renewed energy and strength on diet, exercise, and healthy living habits. It takes time to establish new habits. Physical recovery can be supported by getting enough sleep and working with therapists who understand the challenges of recovery while offering ways to manage the physical symptoms which may come from years of drug and alcohol abuse.

In order to master recovery from mental health and addiction issues, it is important to recognize the challenges for people who have long-held patterns holding them back. Treatment should consistent of a holistic approach which looks at the mind, body, and spirit as ways to develop an individualized plan for each person in recovery. A lot of it has to do with personal choice, too. A person has to want to master their own life and not blame others for the situation they’re in. With the support of family and friends, a person in recovery can thrive beyond anything they ever thought possible, as long as they are willing to do the work and keep taking positive steps forward.


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