What Do Introverts Need to Feel More Successful in Recovery (and Life)?

What Do Introverts Need to Feel More Successful in Recovery (and Life)?

Extroversion seems to be what everyone focuses on because introversion is seen as a weakness. If you are an introvert, you may think you have less to offer than others who are more ‘out there.’ More people than not are actually introverts who get energy from having alone time. Dopamine helps people feel motivated towards goals, pushing forward in their lives, and being energized by external people and circumstances. Introverts use different brain chemicals, including acetylcholine, which makes people feel better when they are in calm environments. Find some tips for how to feel more successful as an introvert in meeting goals.

Meet People Who Understand You

Extroverts do best in environments where they can be social. Introverts are better at small talk as they are great listeners and are able to see issues from another’s perspective. Don’t be afraid to network online, use social media or meet-up groups. If you know you like them or they understand you, it makes it easier to go into the situation in real life feeling understood and welcome.

Know Your Limits

You may go from a busy day at work to having drinks with friends. You might be exhausted and want nothing more to do than go home. Accept your social and work limitations for yourself. Instead of planning social events now weeknights, just know you might want some interaction, then to recover from it. Don’t force yourself out more than you can handle. 

Test Comfort Zone

It may be hard to feel comfortable in a room full of extroverts. If you find yourself in a situation like this, don’t give in to natural tendencies to let everyone else have all the fun. Find some ways to prepare yourself and force yourself to practice public speaking or things that will challenge your comfort zone. 

It is important to find environments that suit you if you want to be more successful. It can be challenging to feel successful when you are trying to find work you like and environments where you can be in recovery with those who understand you. Finding places that value you as you are important to your confidence and approach in life. If you find spaces you feel comfortable, you can be vulnerable, which will help your development as you grow in recovery. 

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