What Does it Mean to Be Intoxicated?

What Does it Mean to Be Intoxicated?

Intoxication is a common term that is used to describe the state someone is in, after consuming large amounts of alcohol, or other addictive substances. The point at which intoxication occurs, which is when the alcohol produces mental or physical impairments in the person, and they display symptoms like slurred speech, difficulty in walking, or being disorientated.

How Intoxication Appears

When a person is intoxicated, they can show the following symptoms:

    • Loss of Inhibitions: it only takes a couple of drinks for people to start feeling more relaxed and more open.
    • Euphoria: after a few more drinks, people tend to feel elated, and you’ll see them having loud conversations and generally being more talkative.
    • Ataxia: this term refers to impaired walking. People who are intoxicated are usually unable to walk in a straight line.
    • Poor Judgment: an excess of alcohol has often led to the intoxicated person making poor decisions, such as driving while drunk.
  • Vomiting: this is due to the body trying to rid itself of the ethanol that is found in alcohol and is now in the intoxicated person’s system.

What Increases Intoxication

There are ways intoxication can be made worse, as well. Depending on your level of intoxication, the following can complicate things:

    • Taking medication can enhance the effect of alcohol, and increase intoxication. If someone takes a sedative while intoxicated, especially if it’s a prescription for anxiety or depression, that can be a very dangerous combination.
    • A person’s body weight and fat distribution matters. A person who is short and weighs 180 lbs., will be less intoxicated than a person who is much taller and weighs the same. This is because the shorter person has a larger fat mass, making it more difficult for the ethanol to be absorbed.
  • People who have been heavy drinkers for a long time will also require more alcohol to reach the same level of intoxication as someone who is a light drinker.

Prevention is Key

If you want to prevent intoxication from drinking, it is best not to drink to begin with. People who try to avoid this state usually eat prior to drinking, continue to snack while drinking, drink water to stay hydrated, and drink lower alcohol beverages. They also drink less but the key is really to decide if you are drinking too much to begin with that you are experiencing intoxication on a regular basis. If this is happening, you may need to seek help for a drinking problem. Recovery and treatment programs are often the best bet when dealing with this issue but there are many ways to go about finding healing in recovery from addiction.

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