What is a Good Addiction Treatment Program?

What is a Good Addiction Treatment Program?

A treatment program for people with addiction helps them navigate their recovery with the help of trained therapists and individuals who understand the power of drugs and alcohol. Substance abuse treatment programs offer best practices on how to help people understand the nature of addiction, treat underlying causes, support mental health issues, and help them find resources to re-enter the community in recovery. Learn more about some of the indicators of an effective treatment program and how to locate one for yourself or a loved one.

Treatment Offering

Screening tools are often the best way to see if a person can receive help offered by a specific facility. A comprehensive screening will look at substance use history and related disorders, including medical, psychiatric, and individual family and social networks. The assessments explore the many interrelated factors impacting the person’s functioning and readiness for change. A careful, close assessment, will most likely prevent any issues which might compromise chances of a healthy recovery for the individual.

Holistic Treatment

Once a person is admitted for treatment, the best way to support them is through a holistic approach. Looking at the whole person, head to toe, can tell a center’s admittance and treating team how best to approach this person’s rehab program. They will check for:

  • Co-occurring disorders
  • Underlying medical issues
  • Additional concerns outside of initial substance abuse (including whether other drugs are being used)

Dignity in Treatment

A treatment program should provide a safe environment for a person to experience detox and rehab. They should experience a respectful environment which can help people with addiction who feel they have lost self-respect and dignity on the journey through addiction but now are in a place where they feel secure. It is there they can help rebuild their sense of confidence and self-assurance for what’s ahead.

Qualified Team and Staff

One of the things to look for in a treatment program is qualified staff who can assist the person with their needs in recovery. Clinical staff should be available to help with treatment needs and a good program will include therapeutic support in individual and group contexts. Whether residential or outpatient, a program should provide quality care so people feel they are moving forward in recovery.

It may be hard to decide on a program for treatment of addiction, especially if it is for a loved one who is struggling. The challenge is made easier when you do research to confirm who is there, what type of treatment is provided, and how they essentially help them find healing for their own personal journey. Once a program has been identified, it is important to stick with it and work hard to navigate recovery a little at a time, day by day, with the continued support of loved ones.

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