What is Mexican Black Tar Heroin?

What is Mexican Black Tar Heroin?

People who are addicted to heroin are typically looking for many different drugs and ways to achieve that goal. This might mean taking drugs they have never tried before or try to achieve a certain type of high. OxyContin is one drug people are using more for the high they can achieve, while black tar heroin is a narcotic that is highly addictive and often substituted for OxyContin with potentially lethal consequences.

Black Tar Heroin

A Schedule I narcotic is one with high potential for addiction and abuse. One of the variations of heroin, mexican black tar is becoming more popular that has black, sticky consistency. Although it is less expensive than the white heroin most people think about, the effects are essentially the same. Black tar heroin is produced in Mexico, trafficked throughout the United States by people bringing the drugs into the country for sale. Mexican black tar heroin is much cheaper than its cousin, OxyContin, but with more potentially lethal consequences for people who use the drug.

Impact of Drug Use

Black tar heroin use can create long-term health complications for people both mentally and physically. One significant effect is hardening of the veins, which makes them less usable in the future and may cause other challenges for people with addiction. The gummy consistency tends to clog needles, which means they need to be cleaned better between uses. Often people who are using black tar heroin are not thinking about potential consequences of sharing needles and may end up using ones that others have used who have infectious diseases. Other skin issues may arise including cellulitis and necrotizing fasciitis, which can cause long lasting issues for people’s skin and health.

Addiction Issues

The use of black tar heroin, whether through injection, smoking, or swallowing, can cause harm and lead to addiction. Schedule I drugs like heroin can be highly addictive under any circumstances. There is no safe way to take heroin or any medicinal reasons for continued, long term use. Once a person is addicted, cravings for the drug are endless until the person detoxes and is able to get help for withdrawing and recovering from heroin abuse. Many people will substitute black tar heroin for OxyContin because it is more easily available without prescription and is cheaper. Potency is greater now so people are being subjected to greater amounts of the drug which can have a huge impact on their lives, including potential for overdose. Trying to get help for heroin addiction is difficult because of the cravings and withdrawal symptoms. Many people have a hard time admitting it is time to check into rehab or finding resources to support paying for rehab. With heroin, it is usually best to do inpatient rehab and have monitoring to make sure the person will be able to quit heroin and stay safe doing so.

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