What is the Complicated Relationship Between Drug Abuse and Diabetes About?

What is the Complicated Relationship Between Drug Abuse and Diabetes About?

A diabetes health issue can be complicated when drug abuse is involved. It may also be a contributing factor, but people have to watch what they eat and drink as a result. Some people will add drugs or alcohol into their diets, which makes controlling the disease of diabetes difficult. Learn more about the complicated relationship between drug abuse and diabetes.

Why Diabetics Use Drugs

People who struggle with diabetes are more likely to abuse substances because they are dealing with a chronic condition. Young people with diabetes start with restricted diets but they eventually become adults seeking ways to manage their disease. When people have a poor diet, that impacts them greatly, along with drug use which further desecrates their health. When adults start using drugs, their diabetes can get out of whack due to medications and strict dietary issues. Alcohol abuse among people with diabetes stood at 50 to 60 percent whereas those who abused substances had more poor health outcomes than people who didn’t abuse substances. People who think the consequences of drugs will not impact their health are mistaken and should take precautions.

Dangerous Habit

With diabetes, it is risky to take in alcohol or drugs that interact with the body in ways. Alcohol is loaded with sugar. It is often paired with sugary mixers including fruit juice, syrup, soda, and fruit. This spike in blood sugar that comes from it along with the alcohol is damaging to the body. It causes may produce a sleepy feeling for people to the point they ignore symptoms of a blood sugar problem. 

Support and Help

Many people with diabetes find that being in support groups is beneficial. They meet with others who have diabetes and may discuss challenges they face due to needing their blood sugar levels under control. They may share tips, outline challenges, and discuss concerns. They may do this without feeling the need to explain their backgrounds or apologize for their thoughts. Regular participation may take away the need for drugs altogether. People with diabetes who take drugs to escape (numb) may need serious help from rehab counselors and support from loved ones. Mindfulness is key but there are other ways to help people navigate recovery if they choose to do that for their health and well-being.  While doing some hobbies is helpful, it is also good to socialize, get out, and meet others who understand the struggles. Substances can produce profound changes in the brain and change the way people think. It makes it hard to navigate the challenges when doing it alone. Doing it in a community is always preferable if a person can find the right community. 

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