What is the Impact of Marijuana Addiction? 

What is the Impact of Marijuana Addiction? 

Marijuana Addiction exists because people struggle to quit using the drug once they start. There are many reasons for this, but the impact can be further reaching than people realize. Cannabis seems harmless but it is not necessarily that way for some people. The main ingredient, THC, can change how people think and behave. Without a medical marijuana prescription, people can be getting anything laced in with marijuana, making it even more dangerous to smoke or ingest. 

Common Usage

State and federal legislation are being pushed to the limit when it comes to recreational marijuana use. There is a huge lobby to make marijuana legal across the states, but raw marijuana continues to remain a Schedule I Controlled Substance. It is against the law to possess or use cannabis. Marijuana is available with a prescription for medical use. The therapeutic benefits are being proven in some studies but not everyone benefits from its use.

Long-Term Consequences

Over the long term, people can experience side effects of marijuana use. This includes drug cravings, withdrawal symptoms, and other issues that make it hard to quit. Irritability, anxiety, and lack of ability to sleep can make a person feel more agitated and frustrated than normal. The longer a person uses the drug, the more likely they are to use it and the more often this might happen. 

Treatment Hope

The impact for people with addiction to marijuana can be lost relationships, jobs, employment opportunities, or even their lives. Legal issues and financial challenges can accompany addiction to drugs, with smokers having a hard time quitting and losing their health eventually. Professional counseling is an option, including behavior modification therapy. There is currently no medication approved to treat marijuana abuse but there is hope to be found in different cognitive therapies and treating the person’s individual circumstances, including any underlying mental health conditions. Trying to quit and relapsing can be frustrating for people. The key is to continue moving forward the best way possible and seeking opportunities as they come to attend recovery groups and heal from the ravages of addiction. Addiction is something that will stick with a person for a lifetime, but in recovery, triggers and cravings can be dealt with so the person is able to function and live as normal a life as possible while being drug-free.

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