What is the Impact of Meth on a Person’s Body?

Meth impacts a person’s body and mind. Someone who uses meth is going to experience some challenging effects during use and during withdrawal phases of use. Learn more about the impact of meth on a person’s mind and body, including overall health.


The skin gets greatly impacted by meth use. Low blood flow, destroyed blood cells, and poor hygiene associated with meth abuse result in dull skin being devoid of a natural glow, loss of elasticity, and inability to heal. Meth effects cause drastic visible changes to a person’s skin, including premature aging and sagginess. Pale skin color is associated with physical stress and frequent illness caused by a weakened immune system. Smoking meth causes prematurely wrinkled skin with a leather-like appearance. People who use meth believe they experience bugs crawling on or under the skin. Sometimes they pick at their skin to get rid of the bugs, even tearing flesh open. Also called delusions, some people think the drug itself is leaving the skin rather than insects.


Not many studies have been published on the ocular effects of meth. People who are heavy users of meth can develop several types of eye conditions, leading to permanent damage of the eye and vision impairment. Visible side effects include voluntary eye twitching, related to a disruption in functions of the central nervous system.


The condition known as ‘meth mouth’ is a visible side effect of abusing meth. Meth can caused stained, rotting, or crumbling teeth and gum disease. Teeth are often beyond repair and need to be pulled. Some report tooth decay due to corrosive effects of chemicals found in the drug. When smoked or snorted, these chemicals erode the tooth’s protective enamel coating. Strong evidence indicates the degree of tooth decay is linked to a combination of side effects associated with the meth high. These including shrinking blood vessels, compulsive grinding of teeth, and dry mouth.
Meth addiction can have serious consequences for people who are addicted. The biggest challenge is finding help for addiction to meth. When a person struggles with addiction, they are not alone. They can find help and support from loved ones and professionals who can work with them to move past addiction to a life that supports health and peace in recovery.

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