What is the Nature of Crack Cocaine Addiction? 

What is the Nature of Crack Cocaine Addiction? 

Crack cocaine is a drug that can be made into little rocks with a bit of heat and some baking soda. The drug may be vaporized or used with foil. Some people inject crack, also, into their veins to give themselves a faster rush from the drug’s effects. However a person uses crack cocaine, it can cause severe mental and physical health complications over time. When a person becomes addicted, they also suffer from the consequences of the drugs in their personal lives.  

Effects of Crack Cocaine

When people use crack cocaine, they may become addicted the first time or after just a few uses. It is smoked rather than snorted, so it reaches the brain more quickly. That is why people choose to use it this way, rather than other methods. People experience effects like euphoria, confidence, over-talking, and release of tension. Fatal overdoses are possible because of how potent the drug is and how it impacts the body. Addiction is also possible for people who use crack cocaine. This can include:

  • Using more of the drug to feel the effects
  • Not feeling well when not using (a sign of withdrawal)
  • Seeking more of the drug from any source possible
  • Stealing, lying, or cheating to get the drug

Crack sets off dopamine in the brain. When people use it too much, dopamine goes down in the body and the drug is needed to flood the body with chemicals and keep it stable. People addicted to crack tend to ignore the negative consequences of drug use. Intermittent use is not common as often people want to use it more and more as tolerance increases. This can quickly spiral into a habit that is expensive to maintain. 

Getting Away from Cocaine

To get away from crack cocaine is not easy. It requires getting help for addiction or dependence issues that keep people from finding hope in recovery. Quitting altogether is the only way to move forward. The brain needs time to be rewired back to its healthy state through appropriate treatment. Learning to get back into life again is key. There is no magic answer, it simply is a matter of seeking help when needed and admitting it is not possible to do it alone. Crack cocaine is a thief that will steal everything from a person, including their life if they are not diligent and focused on healing. Getting off drugs is important not only for that person’s health and well-being but also for the healing of other loved ones that want to walk through recovery with their family members or friend. Hope and healing start today for those who decide to seek treatment.

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