What Should I Leave at Home When I Go to Treatment?

What Should I Leave at Home When I Go to Treatment?

Some people are thinking about going to rehab or treatment for addiction. While this is a good thing in and of itself, the treatment program may bring up anxieties, fears, and other worries about what to expect. There are best care practices that can help a person focus on treatment, all depending on the policies of the place. Typically, there are items and things that should be left at home to avoid conflict with treatment and to support others who are in treatment, as well. Find out how you might approach treatment and what can be left home.

Leaving Home

Going away from the safety of home to a new place can feel scary. Whatever feels like home for a person is where they will feel comfortable. It is also for this reason people seek treatment; to be away from the challenges of daily life where they live. It is generally an unspoken rule that all drug rehab centers will have strict policies and rules for treatment. This helps create a safe space for everyone to have fewer distractions in treatment. While all treatment and rehab centers have different rules, the following are prohibited:

  • Any alcohol or drugs
  • Outside food and drink
  • Weapons
  • Inappropriate clothing
  • Too much jewelry or makeup
  • Any medication not needed or is extraneous to treatment

Outside this list, there are things you cannot bring but vary per facility. The goal is to keep you and everyone in recovery safe from contamination of drugs and alcohol which might pose a safety risk to the people working there, as well as those in recovery.

Why Prohibition Matters

You are making a choice when you join a program. Certain items are restricted for your safety, but also to keep others safe from harm. It may seem frustrating, even cruel, to not have your cell phone on you at all times or to do what you want when you want, but that is life in treatment. It also does not last forever. If it seems restrictive, that is because it is restrictive. Drug addiction is a disease. Rehabilitation centers have policies to support people’s behavior to keep everyone moving forward in recovery. When drugs take hold of your life, you are not thinking about anything else. Addiction treatment is more than stopping use of a certain drug. The most effective program you can do is one that limits distractions and focuses solely on improving choices and behaviors. Behavior modification through therapy, group counseling, medication, and other means, will help you ultimately process the underlying reasons for addiction and give you space to think about what you need going forward to beat drug addiction for good.


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