What Should Parents and Loved Ones Know About Addiction?

What Should Parents and Loved Ones Know About Addiction?

 It is not easy to understand addiction in loved ones, especially children. They may behave in ways that seem outrageous or difficult to deal with. Addiction is about compulsive behavior and is defined by the consequences of these behaviors. The person with an addiction is unable to stop consuming substances in spite of consequences. They will do anything they can to keep it going. 

Enabling Behaviors

When enabling behavior gets in the way of a person’s recovery, it can derail them for quite some time. Addiction is a disease that requires lots of work by everyone involved to make recovery happen. It is tough to watch loved ones put themselves at risk, but enabling only makes matters worse. Enabling behaviors like buying drugs for a loved one, giving them money, not meting out consequences, and having them experience the challenges is difficult for them when it comes to recovery. If a child contributes to the family and offers support, they are more likely to feel part of the family than enabled them to continue doing what is harmful. 


When adults work and have money, they are able to live their lives autonomously. When a child with addiction is struggling, they are lying to themselves and others. These lies may be anywhere from white lies to avoid hurting others’ feelings to manipulation. While it is difficult to watch them struggle, it is also helpful to consider how a child can learn to do things for themselves. Parents may struggle to understand how a child gets into trouble and think a mistake was made. When a loved one’s child faces legal consequences, it can be healthy for their journey to recovery, rather than a negative thing.

No Fix but Hope

The biggest challenge facing families of loved ones with addiction is that there is no fix for this. Addiction is neither the fault of parents nor the person with the addiction. It is not the parent’s job to fix them, but they can offer support and healing for their journey. A safe, structured environment is best for kids to learn how to navigate recovery well. Using drugs will only get worse if a child continues this behavior. Treatment is the beginning of recovery and sobriety work. A child is not bad but they need help to learn how to heal from addiction, their woundedness, and end the cycle once and for all. 

Professional help is often the best way to get someone helps for addiction. Professional interventionists often have experience with addiction and know how to approach this with a loved one. Helping them seek treatment at a rehab facility is the best option for healing. The gift of sobriety is one that starts with family.

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