What Singing Has to Do with Happiness

What Singing Has to Do with Happiness

You may look for ways to brighten your outlook on life in different things like working out, writing, even reading up on how to be happier in books and articles online. However, exercising your vocal cords may be one of the best ways to use your vocal cords and stretch your thoughts around how to build happiness in your life by singing.

Music Matters

Both happy and sad songs are part of the repertoire for people who like music. Singing together in corporate worship, being part of a band, or rocking out solo are all ways to use your creative muscles and learn a few things by singing. The song lyric message along with melody and rhythm can definitely modulate mood. Tempo, rhythmic complexity, and instrumentation can also modulate moods. People who love shopping sometimes go because they love the music and setup of a place while they browse. Lyrics with messages of inspiration and hope will have a better chance of mood modulation as opposed to those that are seen as more superficial.

Mental Health and Singing

Recovery approaches vary but it is not about curing any person’s mental status or making them feel better right away. Giving people a means to live a satisfying and hopeful life with mental illness is just part of the picture of music therapy and recovery. For many people, singing represents a chance to feel good and express happiness with others. The focus on singing rather than therapy allowed people to use it as a resource and interpret it however they wished. Some people may see it as a maintenance of their well-being to sing and follow music. Singing and music therapy are not cures but they are great in combination with traditional therapies to support a person’s recovery.

Music therapy incorporates music activities like singing. This type of therapy gets the brain involved as a person who sings may be able to boost their mood and get their brain power activated to feel happier. When a person effects positive changes for themselves, they often are able to feel self-empowered that they are taking charge of their recovery and learning more about what works for them. When a person feels empowered, they are more likely to keep doing positive things to continue growing in recovery. Singing alone, with groups, or in therapeutic settings can all be helpful for a person who is in recovery from addiction. The key is to think outside the box and just get started.

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