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When you are struggling with addiction, it affects every part of who you are, and every aspect of your life. At Oceanfront Recovery, we understand that for most of our clients, your addiction has taken a toll on not only your physical and mental state, but also on your emotional and spiritual state. With that in mind, we designed our treatment programs to treat the entire person, not just the addiction that has taken hold. You are not defined by your disease, and by addressing the issues and events that led you to our doorstep, we can help you regain the vital pieces of your life stolen by the pull of your addiction – rebuild your body and mind, rejuvenate your spirit, repair your relationships and start your journey towards a life free from the suffocating cloud of addiction.

We also understand that for some of our clients, mental health issues can play a significant role in their addiction. For some, their addiction stems from dealing with disorders such as depression or anxiety. For others, their mental health condition may be a side effect of their addiction. Whatever the case, Oceanfront Recovery has experienced and skilled clinicians that can help diagnose and treat these conditions as part of your therapy, giving you insight into what may be at the bottom of your addiction and providing tools for coping with potential triggers down the road.

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What We Treat

Many of the drugs that our clients are addicted to are not only legal, but used on a regular basis to treat medical issues. The problem begins when the drugs are misused, resulting in what is often called abuse or dependence. The new clinical definition is “substance use disorder,” and it is classified as mild, moderate or severe. Substance use disorders occur when repeated use of drugs or alcohol causes significant impairment, including issues such as failure to meet responsibilities (at work, home or school), health problems, lack of control and risky behavior. If you or a loved one suffers from a substance use disorder, it typically requires professional intervention, depending on the severity of the disorder. Medically-supervised detox and inpatient treatment may be necessary, or perhaps a lower level of support via outpatient care and 12 Step programs might be the right fit for you. No matter the level of treatment you may require, Oceanfront Recovery offers several programs that are tailored to fit your specific needs, as we seek to guide you towards a life in recovery.

Substance Abuse & Dependency

As an addiction recovery clinic, our primary goal is to help you break the destructive cycle of chemical dependency and achieve a better understanding of the issues behind your substance abuse. Our customized treatment programs are designed for clients struggling with a wide range of addictions, including:

Addiction takes many forms, and our team of clinicians is prepared to handle the challenges each type of addiction presents through years of education and experience.

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Alcohol Addiction

Most people may not group alcohol in the same category as drugs, but according to the definition of a “drug,” alcohol certainly fits the bill. Drugs are defined as something that causes addiction and a noticeable change in consciousness – which alcohol certainly does. The problem is that alcohol consumption is socially acceptable and even encouraged, and is, in fact, the number one drug of choice in every age group, which can make it easy to fall into addiction before you even realize you have a problem. At Oceanfront Recovery, we treat men who have gone beyond recreational drinking and spiraled into alcohol abuse and dependence. Using a combination of therapies, including the tried-and-true 12 Steps, we work with our clients to help them identify the root of their addiction and find the solutions that will help them on their road to recovery.

Drug Addiction

Drug addiction is a complex problem that involves not only your brain and the changes in chemical signals that dependency can cause, but also addressing the havoc drug abuse can wreak on your body and emotional state as well. Because of this, most drug users require medically supervised detox at the beginning of treatment to get your body and brain in a place where you can function without drugs and be ready for the next step in recovery, which is intense self-reflection and healing. Physical health is vital to the process, and at Oceanfront Recovery, our treatment programs are a holistic blend of therapies designed to treat the whole person, not just the addiction.

Co-occurring Conditions

If someone suffers from both an addiction as well as a mental health disorder, they are classified as having co-occurring conditions, also known as a dual diagnosis. Co-occurring conditions are often missed or misdiagnosed, because drug addiction can mask mental health issues, and vice versa. The symptoms of both can be similar or overlap, making it difficult to recognize that your addiction stems from a mental health struggle, or that your mental health is suffering because of your addiction. Receiving treatment for one issue may be helpful, but without treating both conditions, the risk of relapse increases. At Oceanfront Recovery, our expert staff includes psychologists and psychiatrists who are experienced in diagnosing co-occurring conditions, and who are able to help you find the root cause of your addiction so that you can better understand where to go from here.

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Addiction is a universal problem, but that doesn’t mean that one type of treatment will work for everyone. At Oceanfront Recovery, we have programs designed to guide you through the next steps in your journey to recovery, from intake all the way through to our transitional program. Your care team will help you decide what you need in order to continue down a path to success, so that once you’re ready to step back into the world, you can do so with confidence, equipped with the skills and tools necessary to live a happy, substance-free life. Our program is fully licensed and accredited, with an emphasis on highly trained staff, effective treatment paradigms, and a secure, relaxing environment.

If you recognize that you or someone you love needs help with an addiction, please call Oceanfront Recovery now at 877.279.1777 and speak to one of our professional and experienced treatment advisors in complete confidence. Let our experienced and compassionate staff help you take those first steps on your path to recovery – call today.