What’s Considered Risky Behavior in Recovery?

Risky behavior in recovery is a formula for relapse. It is easy to forget that there are triggers and things which can trip you up if you are not careful. Recovery is not a game, it is serious business. It is easy to forget, but addiction can rear its ugly head in many ways if you are not vigilant in recovery.


Gambling is a prime example of risky behavior in recovery. Gambling can impact the brain in the same way as a high from drugs. The ups and downs of gambling are similar to that of a person using drugs. Without realizing it, the compulsion of addiction takes over and a normal person may try it as a hobby but someone with addiction can cross over so easily.


People with addiction tend to be more sensitive to stimulation and things that put the body and mind through the gamut. Feelings often lead to desires to use drugs to balance out what is going on and gambling or anything else can be a trigger back to using. Gambling can trigger alcohol use as it is used in tandem with spending money that way and drug use is rife within the gambling world. It is hard to kick the habit but easy, it seems, to be triggered to use something else in its place. The key is focusing on a healthy recovery that keeps you focused on what is important.

Staying Vigilant

Behaviors are a result of vigilance and education on addiction. If people don’t understand the depths of the disease, they are bound to return to old ways. All the behaviors are based on the idea of instant gratification. Very short-term thinking without evaluation of consequences can focus on the instant feeling of relief. People with addiction yearn for a rush. People tend to look for a rush in the wrong place. When a disease thrives on compulsion and poor decision making, it makes everything else difficult. The fact is people with addiction are not the same as other people. They must be more careful who they are with, what they do, and how they do it. Taking one step closer to relapse is difficult and yet there are people there to catch you if you fall. Relapse is not the end of the world. Take an inventory, ask for help, and seek to make amends for any wrongs. Don’t kick yourself if you struggle. It happens to everyone. Addiction recovery is lifelong, so don’t feel badly about taking time to recalibrate and heal for yourself.

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