When Can I Have a Blissful State of Mind?

Most people who abuse drugs and alcohol want to feel some type of effects. This may be to numb some pain or feel euphoria as a result of consuming the substances which alter the mind and body. Worries go away and whatever is happening feels miles away, a blissful peace of mind for the time being. There are ways of getting to a blissful state of mind without the use of drugs or alcohol, which is both safer and better for your peace of mind.
Find Your Bliss
Living life for the moment, taking substances, and getting high, work against finding true bliss. It is often an escape route nobody wants to go down. Addiction and dependence can quickly develop which will cause more stress and pain down the road. Using drugs or alcohol does not represent true happiness, it is a chemical manifestation of feelings and negative emotions you may be running away from which haven’t totally gone away.
It is not always easy to make the right choice, but it makes a difference when finding your true bliss. Many people reach a point where addiction is so wrapped up in their life that to give it up seems a fate worse than death. It is hard to imagine a life where you no longer use drugs or alcohol or find true happiness. As real as this feeling may be, it is all down to choices. When you are ready to choose to make that step to treatment, you are taking ownership of your life and the first big step to finding your bliss.
Step by Step
Getting to the point where you feel your blissful state of mind can feel far away when you are wrapped up in addiction. If you are still doing things to numb pain, you will not reach true bliss. Giving up those things that are giving a false sense of bliss will take you to the next step of feeling better, getting healthy, and seeking support for finding that blissful state of mind (and peace) you have been seeking all along. Exploring all the options, including recovery programs, can help bring you closer to the goal you have always had and support your journey forward.

Oceanfront Recovery provides space you need to seek peace and that blissful peace of mind. If you are ready to take the step, we are here waiting to receive you with open arms. We will give you a plan, support, and programs to help you get there. Call us to find out how our individualized programs can help you progress in recovery. 877-279-1777