When Rehab Ends, How Can Busy Execs Stay Focused on Aftercare Goals?

When Rehab Ends, How Can Busy Execs Stay Focused on Aftercare Goals?

Being an executive or professional out in the world is rough. There are so many expectations placed on people who work in the c-suite, it makes it hard to know how to navigate it without feeling anxiety, stress, fear, or frustration. Rehab is a place that is safe to explore addiction, recovery, and healing from past issues. When it ends, executives need to find accountability, support, and balance to stay focused on their goals. Aftercare planning is essential for success. Find out how some executives plan for their future in recovery and develop a sense of hope in the midst of challenges. 


One of the biggest things executives need (as does anyone) in recovery is accountability. They need people to step up and be there for them, to figure out what they need and how they are going to get moving forward in recovery. Accountability is about finding the right people who will walk the journey of recovery and provide space to heal, to feel frustrated, and to crave drugs or alcohol while admitting it vulnerably and staying clean. 


Being honest with loved ones is the best way to stay focused on recovery. If a person loses trust, it is hard to regain. Honesty also piggybacks off vulnerability where an executive needs to let their guard down and trust others to help them. They need to be vulnerable but also find healing and resolution within the healing journey. Honesty is about telling people what is really going on, but only a select few. Don’t trust the wrong people, or too soon. Just pick a few people to trust from the inner circle and share with them the challenges in order to find hope again.


Balance kind of goes along with the community in recovery. Executives and professionals work really hard, with long hours, and a ton of expectations on their time. They don’t have a lot of time to balance out what they want with what they need. Balance is thusly about staying focused on recovery while maintaining a family life, personal life, healthy eating, and living. This is done with the support of the community who comes alongside the professional to ensure they will continue the chosen path of recovery and find hope with others sharing the struggle.

It is okay to be vulnerable and not be sure how to handle recovery from time to time. It is a journey with ups and downs. It is about healing and finding hope at the same time. Executives and professionals need all this and more to feel successful in recovery. Their focus needs to be on themselves, and that is what they will find if they prepare a solid aftercare plan that puts the right focus on sobriety first.

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