Why a Positive Attitude Helps Your Recovery

Why a Positive Attitude Helps Your Recovery

Recovery is not a destination, an end point at which you’ve arrived. There are new discoveries about yourself, the journey, the whole experience which may pop up and surprise and shock you. It is something to keep working on, whether you are new in recovery or old hat at the journey. Your mindset and attitude speak volumes to the experience of recovery. Chances are, you’ll hit a few rough spaces so you’ll need to have some tools to help you keep a positive attitude through it all.

Setting Expectations

When you enter recovery, it helps to come up with goals and expectations for what you want to see happen. The more you learn about yourself, the better you can prepare. There are a few ways you can be optimistic and bring that positive energy into recovery:

  • Write it down: find a place to keep your thoughts and feelings on paper. This might mean a notebook you carry with you, or a journal, somewhere to write down what to give thanks for and how to remind yourself of all you have to be grateful for
  • Stay positive: in relationships, it can be hard to stay positive but when you find friends you make you laugh and feel good about yourself, you feel more supported. Find the people who give you energy as opposed to those who might take it away
  • Set (realistic) goals: decide what you want for yourself and set goals to make it happen. Break it all down into large tasks and make it manageable enough so you see progress as you move along. This depends on your goals and what you want out of life in recovery
  • Get active: when you are outside, in nature, or exercising with friends, there is a renewed energy. You start to feel better about yourself and your experiences. When you get back to activities you like or find new ones, you begin to feel a sense of things shifting away from your head and into your body, which is a great way to release the mind from feeling too much negative energy

Self care is a great way to experience and express gratitude to yourself for the journey of recovery. You are never going to have all you need to have as there is always more to go after. Set some goals for yourself and realize you can attain a lot that you desire in recovery, just don’t put pressure on yourself to the point you feel disappointed when it doesn’t work out how you planned. Mindset is all about setting out to obtain what you want in life and recognizing what’s possible for you. Take time to rest, relax, and not worry about taking care of others. Your recovery comes first, so make time for it to happen.

One of the best ways to change your attitude and feel more positive is by focusing on the good things you have in recovery. When you see how far you’ve come, you’re less likely to look back in regret and see how far you’ve yet to go. This will help you navigate recovery and focus energy on the positive, good things in your life.

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