Why Addiction Recovery Takes So Much Time (and Effort)

Why Addiction Recovery Takes So Much Time (and Effort)

Addiction can run within a family, a community, and also a country. Addiction recovery takes a lot of time and effort because it is not easy. The good news is that addiction can be overcome. It does not happen quickly. Nearly 2 million people with addiction center treatment each year. Learn more about why it takes so much time and effort, and why it is a worthwhile investment of energy.

Changing Treatment

Treatment in itself does not end when the person leaves a program. 30-day treatment programs are not the only time a person is going to need support for addiction recovery. 90 days is usually the recommended amount of time to help the brain, body, and overall person get back on track with recovery. No matter how many times a person has tried to recover from addiction, they will need help to get on their feet. The longer addiction has been in place, the more entrenched the person is in the lifestyle. A person with addiction must have time to overcome addiction, including cravings and triggers.

Looking Ahead

When you think about your recovery plan, it may not include recovery programs right now. Treatment is a difficult step to take if you are not read. Success rates are dependent on the person’s ability to let themselves fully recovery the best they can. It is harder to make it stick if interventions take place or other people seem to be forcing the issue before that person is ready. The right program can make a huge difference for people, as well, because it means they will be able to find support for mental and physical ailments that usually accompany addiction.

The time and effort piece come in because it took you years to get here, it will take time to get back to homeostasis again. Depending how much you were using before, it may take longer than you think to feel good again. You may not remember a time you were not using drugs or drinking to solve your life’s problems. The key is to give up the old mindset of what was back then to embrace what is in front of you right now: opportunity for change. When you see a chance to change, go for it wholeheartedly. Embrace it and seek opportunity for growth. You will find this a great time to finally move forward in your life and seek space to become who you are meant to be.

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