Why Are More People Using Meth?

Why Are More People Using Meth?

Methamphetamine is a serious drug with major consequences for those who use it on a regular basis. It is highly addictive and is making a comeback amidst the opioid crisis. People are falling into meth addiction more frequently, but it is talked about less than the opioid crisis at the moment. Medical providers have fewer tools at their disposal to help people fight addiction against meth as there are no FDA approved drugs for treatment. Find out why more people are using meth and how to offer support if a loved one is struggling.

Polysubstance Abuse

When a person abuses more than one drug at a time, this is considered polysubstance abuse. It is harder to treat someone who is struggling with meth addiction and may have overdosed when there are many drugs in their system. It is difficult to know which one the person needs. Research is underway to develop medication to help with methamphetamine addiction but there has not been one that takes care of their symptoms in totality.

Why it Happens

People use drugs for many reasons. Illicit drugs that are highly addictive, like meth, are used because they keep the brain and body actively engaged with the drug. It is impossible to let it go once it takes hold of the brain. Treatments like counseling, contingency management, and other incentives, are good options but don’t work for everybody. The root causes have to be addressed, but when the brain is rewired to desire the drug, this has to also be taken into effect. Until then, the rise in overdoses on meth may continue while the price of meth goes down and availability skyrockets with social media and the internet making it easier. 

Potency Shifts

Meth making is taking off in some parts of the United States. Meth is more potent than it was in years past, making it a drug that gives people a significantly greater high and a lower chance of avoiding addiction or overdose. The key to addressing meth addiction is to tackle all the issues they are facing one at a time. Addiction is usually the top layer, while layers underneath seem to be the root cause and can help address the reasons for starting drugs in the first place. Substance abuse is rarely the only thing a person struggles with, so the root causes are the best place to start. Even if the drugs have changed, the causes of the addiction can keep the person stuck, along with changes to the brain, until professional treatment is offered for support.

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