Why Criticism Can Harm a Loved One’s Choice to Attend Rehab (and How to Flip the Script)

Why Criticism Can Harm a Loved One’s Choice to Attend Rehab (and How to Flip the Script)

Having critical loved ones can be harmful to a person’s life in so many ways. It may ultimately impact their decision to attend rehab and heal from addiction. If a mother or father responded with criticism and judgment instead of joy to a child, they learn to hold back and not express their natural self. This undermines their confidence and relationships. It also creates a gaping hole in a person’s life where they begin to self-medicate with substances eventually to deal with their feelings. To help a loved one get to rehab, it requires turning things around and finding a happy medium. 

Why Criticism Happens

Looking at a history of criticism can be painful for a person. When confronted constantly by loved ones who are only critical and not supportive, even if they want to attend rehab, it will be a difficult decision. Once they face the pain, they can move past it, but it might mean doing it without their loved ones. The criticism will only push them further into addiction and away from the connection to the people who continue to cause them harm. Criticism and judgment are projections of unacknowledged parts of the self parents don’t always see. They see themselves in their kids and feel triggered by their parent’s abuse of them, neglect, or painful treatment. Being critical of others means a person understands they may be causing harm but not knowing how to stop doing it and start acting with compassion. 

Moving Forward

Parents and families who are critical can keep a person from accepting the need for addiction recovery. Some of the following are tips to consider when trying to move forward away from the challenge of criticism and own up to one’s personal behaviors and accept the need for help:

  • Know criticism is not about the individual being criticized
  • It’s okay to be angry about it, but it is also okay to let go
  • Express feelings because it is good and healthy (don’t stuff them down)
  • Take time out and learn how to express feelings better and start with supportive people first
  • Know when it is time to cut losses and move on

People with addiction may not be healthy enough to recognize when it is time to walk away from people who are toxic. They may be able to just barely scrape by and get out of the situation by the skin of their teeth so they can heal. There is nothing harder than moving forward from a difficult family, but it can be done for the sake of personal healing and recovery from addiction. 

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