Why is Adderall Abuse So Dangerous?

Why is Adderall Abuse So Dangerous?

Prescription drugs are on the rise across America. Drug use has always been part of the American landscape in some form or another, legal or illegal. Current times suggest opioid use is creating difficult challenges for people whose loved ones become addicted as so many are struggling right now with the epidemic. Opioids are not the only drug out there that is harming people. Adderall is another drug, commonly used to treat Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), which can be addictive. Learn why abusing adderall can be dangerous and how to seek help.

Using Adderall

The drug Adderall is used in treating conditions like narcolepsy and ADHD, among other conditions. The drug may be used by young people and older people who struggle with this or other issues where they want to retain focus and function better in social settings. Adderall does not carry the same stigma of other street drugs or illicit drugs like heroin or methamphetamine but can be dangerous and addictive, all the same. Since Adderall is a prescription medication, it is safe and legal. Selling or obtaining the drug without a prescription is a criminal offense.

Dangers of Adderall Abuse

Without proper supervision by a treating physician, users of Adderall may experience some of the following symptoms:

  • Depression or feeling of unhappiness
  • Craving for more of the drug (sign of addiction)
  • Sleep patterns that are inconsistent
  • Anxiety or irritability

Over time, long-term use can lead to some side effects that people are not always aware of when they use the drug. This may include weight loss, increased anxiety, urinary tract infections and more. As a result of dependence or addiction, a person takes higher and higher doses to achieve the same effect. Taking Adderall in the face of negative consequences is associated with dependence and addiction.

Treatment for Adderall Use

One of the challenging aspects of abusing Adderall is the fact it can cause erratic behavior and be dangerous for the person or other involved. The risks increase if a person mixes Adderall and alcohol, which is more common than people realize. Detox can be done to help a person get off the drug in a healthy way and support their moving forward into healing. Detox can last up to 14 days and is usually done in the presence of someone who can monitor the process. Some people abuse multiple substances and are in need of detoxing from them all. An outpatient program may be helpful once detox ends and they are able to have a flexible schedule for appointments and therapy. It is up to an individual to decide how they want to proceed when it comes to their treatment but receiving help is always a good thing for addiction, especially when it begins to impact work performance, health, and relationships.

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